Tuesday, January 27, 2009


There are definitely beautiful movie stars in the US but I've grown rather tired of all the pretty faces the entertainment industry promotes. That seems to be mostly all there is. Films and television are full of images of people without spot or wrinkle. Blemishes or lack of facial symmetry cannot be tolerated. Noses, eyes, ears, and lips must all harmoniously relate on one's visage or you cannot be a star. A body must have perfect flesh. Once in a while there will be a "character" face that will come along. But they will normally be some foppish protagonist or an evil one, rarely the main character. I like Boston Legal. I have to sometimes turn it off because the plot gets too crass but the main folks on there are of the non-beautiful variety. They've aged. They're wrinkled. Some are fat. It's nice. I also like to take in a foreign film once in a while. It's a refreshing break from the "norm". Their stars usually look as though they're not from the Hollywood Barbi and Ken factory.
Barney is the security guard at the church I attend. I was immediately drawn to his looks when I first saw him and wanted to do his portrait. His face facinates me. It has been sculpted and chisled by genetics, weather and life experiences. It has much to say if you care to take the time to look. There must be many stories beneath. If I were a film magnate, I'd make him a star.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Fear is like a hologram.
It appears so real.
And then when you go behind it
you realize there is nothing there.
It's all an illusion.
Jane Stern
"Ambulance Girl"

Friday, January 2, 2009


I was wandering around downtown Portland in Winter 2006 and noticed the bag perched on a window sill of a large building. I checked out its contents and found a hamburger inside. A homeless man, all bundled up for the cold, came along and did as I did just after I took the photo. He was obviously hungry because the bag went with him.
I think life is kind of like the picture at times for me. I tend to see things in black and white. I'm rather opinionated. There are also many times that I view my existence in drab greys. I then come across something that really catches my interest, I get totally focused and run with it.