Friday, April 24, 2009


I took this somewhat dismal photo in 1969 while exploring with a friend a soon to be demolished apartment house. It was to make way for the expansion of PSU in Portland, Oregon. Old buildings have always fascinated me both from the outside and in, either abandoned or occupied. They can be ornate or simple, renovated or left alone. I don't care. They have so much character. They all have a certain personality that overshadows the new, pristine and computer designed architecture.
It's been said we are a consumer society. We crave the new and throw away the old, especially buildings. Too bad. It's true we keep a few around, some even as museums because a notable historic event took place there. However, the elderly that no longer have any apparent use we discard. Developers would do well to make an effort to keep our architectural heritage even if we're only 200 years old. Europe does a much better job.