Monday, November 19, 2012


A fully Irish friend. I struggled with getting the smile right. It still doesn't show the way her whole face lights up, but it's close. I also can't seem to get my camera and Photoshop to show the drawing correctly. It's better in the real. Perfectionism syndrome again.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Here Again

I came into my studio a few hours ago with the intention of starting a drawing for a show I want to enter. I sat down at my board and leaned back and stared. I have a couple of ideas but don't have the drive to begin. I moved to my computer opened Pandora and my blog and looked at my previous work. I'm done viewing and now I'm writing and still listening. My mind is foggy. I feel heavy.
I started a project in my shop three months ago. I did the same as I'd done for so many years in my career and found myself  anxious and uncomfortable but felt I needed to complete it just because I started. I think I starved my soul. Too much left brain logic and figuring. I've had nightmares in the past of being trapped in a machine shop and unable to escape. I must be there now.
What I want is to visit a forest, dark and deep and breath in some fresh ambiance, feel the rain, see the green. What I really need is to just start. Generally, when I do, the flow starts. Until I do and pick up a pencil and put down a line to my feed sensitive side, I'll be malnourished.