Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A rough Vermeer

Something from my daughter


"Today my parents celebrate 42 years of marriage. I am so grateful to my parents for all they have done for us. My mom baked, cooked on the earth stove, taught us to sew and read aloud to us each night. My dad, I really thought he knew EVERYTHING until I was in eighth grade, he could kick the ball so high, he would always blow dry my hair (we had to do that in Oregon), could talk like Donald Duck and would pray for us each night. I am proud to call these 2 my parents. Thanks for staying committed to each other, always making time for each other. Thanks for loving us so well."

That was yesterday. I guess she's saying my knowledge doesn't go past the eigth grade.

I somehow ended up with a great family and am very blessed. I don't know why.